1. Comprehensive General Pest Services

      • SPRAY
        This is a residual spraying for the control of all crawling insects through the use of a synthetic insecticide which shall be carried out in the premises. This residual insecticide will provide long lasting control and continue to act for several days, weeks or months. It has also a flushing effect. Through the use of Professional Sprayers, application will be on places and areas where insects congregate, crawl and hide or through cracks and crevices from which they are harboring.
        A long residual gel formulation applied as bait spots. It will not run even in warm conditions and it is irresistible to cockroaches because of its aroma and attractants. It can eliminate cockroach infestations in spray-banned areas in kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, etc.
        Through the use of a granular formulation that acts as an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). It provides a new approach to control mosquitoes and flies by breaking their life cycle, preventing the larva from maturing into an adult pest that is capable of spreading diseases to humans. It is of lasting efficacy, not harmful either to humans and aquatic animals.
        A comprehensive control of rodent infestation is done by installation of sufficient second generation anti-coagulant rodenticides based along the possible runways and breeding site to penetrate these pests all the way. Supplementary mechanical control using rodent cage traps and glue boards will also be implemented.
      • FOGGING
        Fogging of premises using a Fogging Machine has been proven to be one of the most effective methods for the control of all flying insects. It continues to act for several hours but does not have any residual action. It kills pests during exposure period, but once aerated, the chemical leaves no residual deposits or harmful residues, which makes the treated areas environmentally safe.
      • MISTING
        A comprehensive treatment by indoor application through misting with the use of a Tri-Jet Misting Machine and an environment friendly insecticide against flying and crawling insects. This is necessary for the immediate knockdown of flying and crawling pests inside the building. A fine, almost invisible mist is dispensed and is airborne for about 30 minutes.
      Garden Spray is designed for pests found in your garden along the ornamental and flowering plants, lawns and trees.
      (for ants, cockroaches, rats, flies, and mosquitoes)

2. Comprehensive Termite Control Services

For high-rise or sprawling buildings, residential units, offices, and other structures that are currently infested with termites, we are offering a set of procedures that slowly but surely eliminate the termite colonies infesting the establishments. This procedure is backed by a full service guarantee against termite re-infestation through the use of fully mechanized chemical dispensers and applicators

3. Termite Proofing Work (Soil Treatment)

This procedure provides a formidable termiticide along the perimeter of structures. This effectively seals the structure and protects it from external infestations.

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4. Sentricon System termite Colony Elimination
Sentricon® isn't just a good Termite baiting system, it's the best! And that is why JC Care Pest control System Co. made extra effort to be able to offer this system to our valued customers, because Sentricon® cannot be used by just ANY Pest Control company!

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This is an eco-friendly and health-safe approach of control with the use of environmentally responsible enzyme solutions. It effectively knocks out food, refuse, animal, fecal, body and smoke odors that attracts pest to linger and thrive. Its active ingredients break down offensive odor molecules into their basic odor-free constituents. It is an effective eliminator that re-energizes stale, musty air providing unprecedented odor free 24/7 which leaves the place safe to live, work and enjoy life.

This is an immediate CONTROL solution & Prevention in any structures for termite problems and health threats caused by general pests’ infestation.